AMAZON audio turntables: AMAZON REFERENZ and AMAZON model one

April 13, 2004 :: Tags: , :: Comment

SORAsound is now the distributor for AMAZON audio turntables. why not? three turntables as an end consumer should demonstrate enough commitment to the line. in convincing mehran to become AMAZON audio north american (and goes without saying, the rest of the americas), hartmut janssen promised mehran unlimited access to his atelier and the pub next door known for some great german brews. PROST!

musical affairs speakers

March 21, 2004 :: Tags: , , :: 2 Comments

hans kortenbach asked SORAsound to become north american distributor for musical affairs speakers of the netherlands. these speakers are hand made. you can tell it is an artisan who makes them….same way a good violin or a cello is made. the artisan behind these beautiful looking and sounding speakers (auris, crescendo) is hans kortenbach. given the low sales, mehran offered his resignation a few times with no luck. hans always said that he can not produce much anyways and that he trusts us and our capability. the good word of mouth has helped us a lot and mehran now thinks hans is one pretty smart guy for believing in our success.

SORAsound, LLC is born

May 13, 2003 :: Tags: , , :: Comment

a surprise request from hisayoshi nakatsuka san of ZYX. after lots and lots of purchases as an end consumer, a few consulting gigs for manufacturers, and a sheer coincidence…..nakatsuka san asked mehran to become the north american distributor for ZYX cartridges. initially mehran rejected the offer as he did not like the traditional model of audio business, did not like shows (avoided vegas at all costs), and frankly did not think he would be successful.

after some talks, and given mehran’s good friendship with hisayoshi nakatsuka san, mehran decided to partner with ZYX and sibatech. this turned out to be a great journey for us as we have met a lot of nice people because of the joy of music ZYX phono cartridges bring to all of us. soon after, SORAsound, LLC was born.


December 15, 2002 :: Tags: :: Comment

SORA was born, in tokyo at aiiku hospital, hiro-o, tokyo. SORA means sky in japanese. but the kanji characters we use to write his name are symbols for UNIVERSE.

i can not thank God enough. we are so fortunate to have him.