ear wax and fever ray

August 15, 2009 :: Tags: :: Comments Off on ear wax and fever ray

had lunch at ear wax. not the most appetizing name. it is a nice, down to earth restaurant. inexpensive, in a young, hip area that feels like haight ashbury of san francisco, only cleaner. they often play good music there. i enjoyed hearing some music by fever ray.

on the way back home, stopped at a bakery called the red hen. they also play good music there. most people who work there seem to go to the art institute of chicago or some other art school. a girl who was working there, recommended the knife to me (same genre as fever ray, i reckon). so i ordered some CDs and LPs.

hot few days in chicago. can not complain. have had a light summer for the most part. i miss san francisco and its weather. put a large, old jade plant outside home.

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