frankfurt, germany

October 23, 2009 :: Tags: , , :: 1 Comment

hartmut mehran laughinga quick visit to frankfurt to meet my good friend hartmut janssen of amazon audio. it is always a pleasure to see hartmut. he is vivacious, full of ideas, and funny. passionate about audio, his creations, and above all his friendships.

those who know me, know that i take pride in my friendship with the manufacturers i represent. as such if i can not have them as friends, i do not want their products either.  i want to be able to look at their products, and think of good memories. in case of hartmut janssen, i love him and his AMAZON REFERENZ turntable so much that keep a couple of them in stock ready to ship. pure elegance, great sound from a great friend.

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  1. Jolanda says:

    Dear Mehran

    It was a pleasure to have a look at your blog. I enjoy all your pictures, very interesting and very nice trip!!!

    Now I wish you good rest and a ecxellent restart to business.

    Sunny wishes from Switzerland
    Jolanda & team