Hans Kortenbach Outdone Himself Again

April 22, 2010 :: Tags: , , :: 3 Comments

Just received my new Musical Affairs Grand Crescendo speakers. Hans Kortenbach has outdone himself again. This is the latest and greatest model with improved internal bracing. A beauty. These speaker are hand made and do look handmade, like a beautifully made musical instrument.

SORA played Lady Gaga this morning. He and I like Lady Gaga for different reasons (who knows maybe some of the same). SORA agreed that my music system composed of DaVinci Audio, Nordost Cables, Harmonic Resolution Systems custom made rack, 47 Lab Flatfish, and EMM Labs‘ great digital equipment sounds better than his Macbook. Now as fathers and audiophiles, we should all yearn for such seal of approval.

Please read more on Musical Affairs, and watch Hans on YouTube.

3 responses to “Hans Kortenbach Outdone Himself Again”

  1. Louis Berkman says:


    It’s funny. From no one really knowing much about Musical Affairs speakers to two pairs of Grand Crescendo’s for sale at the same time on Audiogon. I can’t imagine selling mine.

    By the way, do you know what caused Bernard’s passing? I am guessing it was some kind of cancer. However, I am glad PHY will continue on aftwer his passing.

  2. mehran says:

    Hi Louis, Thanks for your posting.

    Yes…I am aware of the two audiogon ads. One from Korea, and one from Israel. Hans is not happy with it. I am not either in particular since according to Hans at least one (the seller from Korea) had claimed to be in audio business and had bought speakers from Hans. The seller from Israel had bought the cabinets only as he had the drivers previously.

    It seems to me the seller from Korea is in financial need which I do certainly understand. At the end of the day, the intelligent buyer realizes that our retail prices are same as in the Netherlands and we do our best to gain their business.

    As for me, I have two pairs of grand crescendos and love them dearly. I sincerely feel those of us who have Musical Affairs and PHY are lucky.

    I know that Bernard was sick for a long time and I understand his passing away was because of cancer. May he Rest In Peace. I feel lucky to have his art at my home.

    I have forwarded your note to Hans and asked him to reply to here.

    Talk to you soon Louis….Mehran

  3. Mehran and Louis,

    I knew Bernard since 1996 and during the years following we became good friends and I am still very sad he passed away.

    About the Grand Crescendos on Audiogon; it was a big surprise for me my Korean client offered his speakers on Audiogon because he was extremely happy with his speakers; this was the comment he sent me after his first listening expereince:

    I just finished setting up my room. Your speakers amazed me on their first note…it was a new experience…sounded like something totally out of this world…it felt like the whole room was singing, not just a wall of sound from the plane where the speakers are — it is not surround sound effect of the artificial type, but felt like the entire room was producing music in a natural and very involving way…scary to think how much better it’ll get once the speakers settle in after some more extended play. The tonality and harmonics is absolutely beautiful, no stress and compression and very smooth and effortless like water flowing down a stream. My cellist wife, who usually is never 100% happy when I make new audio purchases, didn’t say anything but her looks of amazement was enough to let me know something good she felt! Even my 11 year-old son immediately noticed music sounded “different” — I don’t teach him about audio but he said music is “more real” than before. I myself couldn’t ask for anything more than that.

    Thank you again, Hans

    So I contacted him and he informed me he had to sell them because his was in serious financial problems.
    Furthermore Mehran is right; he misleaded me because he sent me an inquiry from “his company” but somewhat later I discovered it was fake! But never the less we had a very nice contact!

    For the Israeli client the story is different; I made a pair of cabinets for him and after some time he sent me this comment:

    The speakers are astonishing; I’m more than pleased with the speakers and your service.
    I believe that the break in process still in progress and there will be additional improvement in their performance

    Sometimes I cannot understand audiophile peoples behaviour!

    Hans Kortenbach