MÖRCH tonearms

June 1, 2006 :: Tags: , :: 1 Comment

SORAsound has accepted to become the north american (and rest of the americas) distributor for moerch tonearms from denmark. moerch, spelled by some as morch, but really MÖRCH, is designed and manufactured by hans henrik moerch. during a telephone ceremony, mr. moerch said mehran will certainly become the best distributor ever for moerch. as for us, we plan to oblige.

on permanent demo, a moerch up4 chrome, dp-6 gold 12 inch, and of course my own custom made black dp6 precision.

One response to “MÖRCH tonearms”

  1. Salavat Khafizov says:

    I would like to comment on Moerch UP-4 tonearm. It is a real beauty, much underrated tonearm. I tried it on my Thorens 124 mk.1 replacing SME 3009 Imp with ZYX bloom cart – there is no comparison at all!! Moerch immediately sounded more transparent, easy and involving, in short – it sings. It is not just subtle difference, it is quite noticeable. After replacing Morch with Triplanar, sure, Tri sounds better and bigger, but it is not like jump it is rather like a refinement. I believe that Moerch UP-4 one of the finest tonearms I heard, and shame, it has so little coverage in media, as result – it is a steal at the price. Big names and other manufacturers I think would not want Morch ever existed, beating peers and upper priced ones in sonic quality and musical presentation.