musical affairs cable stand and speaker support…

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musical affairs cable standwhenever i call hans kortenbach of musical affairs speaker fame in his little village close to amsterdam, he and his friends seem to be experimenting with something. so, is this voodoo or what? but some have reported improvement by not placing your cables on the floor. and the ever obliging hans, made these.

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  1. Mehran,

    It is about the cable stands;:

    Sometime ago Caspar Bunge the owner of Audio-Life asked me to make some cable stands for him. Audio-Life is our dealer in Holland and we working close together so we made these stands for him in Mahogany wood.

    After sometime he invited me to listen because he was quite impressed, he told me on the phone.
    His listening room is located on the first floor of a building mainly constructed in concrete. The floor of te listening room is covered with wood, 20 mm thick.

    The stand were used with a real high-end system (47-Labs transport, a very nice preamp, SE 300B monoblock interstage coupled amplifiers and our Grand Duetto loudspeakers). The power- and loudspeakercables (mainly Furutech) on the stands. First we listened to the system with the cable stands and after sometime we removed them and this caused a relative big difference and this was a real surprise for me!

    Of course I knew it is adviseable the keep loudspeakecables free from the floor and I noticed the difference if yo do so but this was something different!
    Until now I did’nt find a reasonable explanation for the phenomen exept one: the slits in the stands are exactly adapted to the cable diameters and we made them as narrow as possible and the cables must be “pressed” into the slits. The stands are rather stable and heavy and all together this eliminates all vibrations in the cables