Harmonic Resolution Systems

Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) makes some of the absolute best audio stands / racks and isolation platforms we have seen. I liked their philosophy so much and had heard so many good things about them, that I ordered a custom made rack in Lamborghini green for my showroom.

If like me, you are uncompromising when it comes to quality, HRS is the way to go. So much so that after using my gorgeous rack, I tried to find another distributor for the rack i was already representing. If you have not figured it out by now, HRS is our reference audio rack.

Harmonic Resolution Systems is the name of the company led by Mike Latvis who comes from a heavy duty engineering background. Like me, he is a perfectionist and is un-compromising in his attention to detail. So we hit it off well from the beginning. unlike me, as much as he wanted a red Ferrari audio rack made, he had never done that. So when I suggested a Lamborghini green custom made rack as my own reference audio rack, Mike jumped on the opportunity.

Mike Latvis says: ” There are two primary sources of vibration that can significantly degrade the performance of audio systems. The first is structure-borne vibration. The sources of these vibrations often originate from loudspeakers and miscellaneous external disturbances. The energy from these sources is either transmitted through adjacent structures to your audio equipment or is inherent within the design and construction of the component itself. The vibrational energy is modified as it travels from the source to various sensitive components and circuits within your system. The vibration can even be amplified when the stiffness of the supporting structure or the component itself has a natural frequency near the disturbing frequency. The source vibration is often of very broad frequency content, the likelihood of matching the natural frequency of a common support structure or component is highly probable.

The second source of vibration that can significantly degrade the performance of audio systems is air-borne vibration (sound). The source of this vibration is often loudspeakers, humans, and other vibrating devices within audible reach of the system. Here again, the frequency range is very broad and complex. This vibration has two different paths to your audio system. It travels from the source through the air and directly contacts the outer skin of the audio component. It also travels to all of the structures used to support your audio equipment. A portion of this air-borne energy is translated back into mechanical vibration when it contacts the audio equipment and support structure.”

Harmonic Resolution Systems answer to this is to scientifically design and manufacture components that eliminate noise. these include audio stands, isolation platforms, and plenty more.  For further details please check out HRS website and come back to us. We will be happy to help you. 


The picture to the right is my custom made HRS audio rack. The design was somewhat tricky. Each isolation platform on the bottom and second level is optimized for my DaVinci Audio preamp, phono stage, and phono stage upgrade as well as EMM CD player. The top shelf includes two isolation bases. A small one and an oversized one to handle the weight of my turntable (about 200 lbs) and also the size of it (huge). Those who know me, know of my interest in the arts as also observed by the fact that there is a whole section on this website dedicated to my personal collection of arts. To me, aside from the functionality and great usability of these equipment, I think of them as a piece of art. Actually, to be honest, this is art and science.