Specifications – ZYX R100, R1000 Series

As always all specifications are subject to change (errors, omissions, and such) without notice.

R100 YATRA (H)
Type Moving Coil (dynamic) REAL STEREO Generator System
Cryogenic Treatment Temperature: -196C (-320F)
Output Voltage 0.24mV (H = 0.48mV) [3.54cm/sec., 1kHz] or 0.34mV (H=0.68mV) [5.0cm/sec., 1kHz]
Frequency Response/( +/- 1dB) 10Hz ~ 80kHz (20Hz ~ 20kHz) 10Hz~100kHz (20Hz~20kHz)
Channel Separation > 30dB [1kHz]
Channel Balance < 0.5dB [1kHz]
Recommended Tracking Force 2.0gm [20 ~ 25 degrees Celsius]
Tracking Force Range 1.7 ~ 2.5gm
Compliance horizontal (vertical) 15 x 10-6 cm/dyne (12 x 10-6 cm/dyne)
Trackability > 80micro m/2.0gm
Internal Impedance 4 ohms (H = 8 ohms) 4 ohms (SH, H = 8 ohms)
Coil Wire 6N Copper Wire 0.03mm dia (R-100FS = 5N Silver wire 0.03mm dia.) (R-100FX: 6N Crystal Copper Wire 0.03mm dia.) S type: 5N Silver 0.035mm dia./CRYO X type: 6N Crystal Copper 0.035mm/CRYO G type: 6N Gold 0.035mm/CRYO
Recommended Load Impedance > 100 ohms
Cantilever Material Boron rod 0.3mm dia. Diamond Square Rod 0.22mm sq.
Stylus Microridge Solid Diamond 0.07mm sq.
Contact Radius 3micro m x 60micro m, 2000 Hour/2.0gm
Output Terminals 1.25mm dia. gold plated [EIA]
Net Weight: R-100 4.2gm (YATRA, FS, FC R-1000 = 5.0gm) 5.0gm 5.0gm