ZYX Ultimate 100

You loved R100/Yatra/Fuji….You will adore Ultimate 100.

More info to be posted soon.

“The ZYX is also the purest and cleanest cartridge I’ve heard. Its sense of delicacy is without equal for me, especially in the high frequencies, which appear to have unlimited extension. Its tracking ability is outstanding, not only retaining its purity, but also its separation of instruments during loud, demanding passages.”

Arthur Salvatore, high-endaudio.com

Detail review in Mr. Arthur Salvatore’s website long before my time and well in the time ZYX was relatively unknown. ZYX R100 fuji moving coil cartridge is a very good mid range cartridge. For a long time, this was Mr. Arthur Salvatore’s reference cartridge, demoted to class B after he listened to ZYX Airy 3, then demoted Airy 3 to class B when he heard the ZYX UNIverse. For the rest of us, these are all class A cartridges.


“The R100H renders music’s foundation, be it orchestral, jazz, big band, or pop/rock, with a weight, precision, and realism that defies almost all others…..”

Scot Markwel, Music.com