Puerto Rico & San Francisco Visits

June 22, 2011 :: 2 Comments

A few days in Puerto Rico and a quick hop in San Francisco during month of July …. and of course available at our Chicago showroom for your visit. Call us for appointments.

Check out our latest and greatest ZYX cartridges, DaVinci Audio showroom, AMAZON Audio REFERENZ turntable, Moerch tonearm, RCM Audio, Triplanar tonearms, and many more equipment. All under one roof.

A new DaVinci Audio in-Unison with three tonearms (DaVinci Audio, Graham, and Triplanar) is arriving in July as well.

2 responses to “Puerto Rico & San Francisco Visits”

  1. Leroy Ruiz says:

    Good to hear you will be in Puerto Rico. Anything special while on the island? Interested if there is.


    Leroy Ruiz
    Miramar, San Juan

  2. mehran says:

    Dear Leroy, Thanks for the note. Just sent you an email. Looking forward to seeing you in San Juan. Mehran

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