sornetan, switzerland

peter and jolanda of davinci audio were kind enough to pick me up at the train station. we first drove to their new atelier in bern. i met nathalie, sander, david, mr davinci the doggie, and dr. jason the kitty. each person (human being) demonstrated to me what they do, and how they help each piece of puzzle come together.i saw all the parts that go into each tone-arm, cartridge, turntable and the beautiful electronics davinci makes. each part is created in an uncompromising manner. if one word describes davinci audio, it would be “impeccable.”

after a great lunch, and a team meeting, peter, jolanda and i drove to sornetan, a small village in the mountainous areas of switzerland. i had not breathed such a clean air for over 30 years. we listened to a lot of music, many genres, using multiple cartridges, some in excess of $20,000. the winner was davinci audio’s grand reference grandezza cartridge. what a beauty. stay tuned for more news.