Ansuz, Siltech, Silent Running, Cardas, Nordost, Purist Audio Design. Huge Sale!

Best to contact us for details. Overall prices are pretty low. Just trying to recover our investment. Hence, low balling won’t be tolerated. Here is a good sample for your enjoyment:

Siltech Cables Classic G7 Anniversary Model all new, in sealed boxes: RCA 2m, XLR 1m, BNC 1m, Power cords USA version 2m, and Classic 330 spade speaker cables (3m). Over 40% off.

Ansuz Acoustics, way too much to write here: lots of DarkZ accessories, digital cable C2 (2m), and 4m spade-banana C2 speaker cables. All new or like new with less than 5 hours.

Ansuz D2 Power cord sale at over 70% off. Bigger discounts for bigger purchases. Just way too much inventory.

Cardas and Purist Audio Design. Please contact for details.