Congratulations to Mark DiNucci

March 4, 2010 :: Tags: , :: 3 Comments

I have already been waiting a few months for my own DiNucci Bike. As it turns out Mark was preparing for the Hand Made Bicycle Show. He is such a perfectionist that he won the award for Best Lugged Frame.

Mark does everything handmade, using pretty basic tools, and absolutely with no compromise. Mark does not try to save money or cut the corners. If the end product will have his name on it, it better be darn good. My kind of guy who also happens to be an audiophile, a lover of analog naturally. To my estimate, Mark can make about 24 bikes a year if he is lucky. In fact, if we are lucky. I am number 2 on his current list. Man, I hate being anything but number one. Grateful being on the list though.

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DiNucci Cycles

December 19, 2009 :: Tags: :: 4 Comments

Mark DiNucci is known to be the bike makers bike maker. His bikes are handmade with full attention to each detail. He is an inspiration to many famed bike makers. A friend of mine who happens to be a designer and a bike aficionado wrote to me “… Mark is perhaps the best of all the frame builders … I have worked with all of the very best over the last 30 years and his work is revered by everyone in the framebuilding community……

Mark is a different type of craftsman….. He can work in any medium and has a zen like approach to his work. Simple, elegant and with an extraordinary level of craftsmanship. On the project he just did, his machine tools were still in storage, but being unsatisified with the shapes of some small cable guides for the bike, simply picked up a piece of bar stock and a hand file and dedicated 10 hours to filing 2 perfectly matched and very elegant parts….”

The craftsmanship is great. Analog people would fall in love with DiNucci’s art. Think of it as a great tone-arm, a DaVinci, a Graham, a Triplanar, a Moerch or a Schroeder. All great. Look, feel, sound, ride different but so be it. The art and the craft are to be appreciated as do the beautiful sound and ride. Mark, hurry up buddy. I can not wait for my frame.

vanilla bicycles

August 14, 2009 :: Tags: :: 1 Comment

vanilla bicycles is a speciality hand made bike shop. their commuter bikes (which is really what i want) require a 5 year wait to get on the wait list! in fact, they do not even accept orders for them now.

based on the recommendation of an audiophile customer, turned a good friend and design advisor, i ordered a bike while ago. it was supposed to have been ready around four months ago but i am still waiting patiently. so now i know what bikes and audio products have in common: delays.

handmade bikes, tonearms, mechanical watches, fountain pens – seems like most of us in one vice, carry at least one other vice in common.