lyra titan i phono cartridge arriving

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mehran orange lamborghini bmy lyra titan has arrived from japan and is on its way to me. really excited. i will be putting in on my aas gabriel davinci audio tunrtable, and davinci grandezza reference tonearm. a few people in the industry we have talked to say the lyra titan and davinci grandezza are a match made in heaven. more to report….one thing for sure is that i need another tonearm for my aas gabriel turntable to try more cartridges easily.

shelter phono cartridges

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tomorrow i will be receiving a shelter 9000, a shelter 7000, a shelter 901, and a shelter 501 cartridge. not bad for SORAsound’s start in the world of shelter phono cartridges.

lyra cartridges

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SORAsound now represents lyra phono cartridges. i have heard of lyra since the time i got in analog. i have heard highly of jonathan carr for the last few years and have come to know him a bit in the past few months. and i have known stig for the last few years. and hartmut of amazon audio had been pushing me to go for the line for so many years. why did it take so long? well, count it to my lack of experience and having mistakenly put all my eggs in one basket. now, we represent lyra and have all the intention of demonstrating to our audiophile friends how good the lyra cartridges are.

ZYX R50 BLOOM phono cartridge

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ZYX R50 BLOOM was born for audiophiles with limited budget but champagne taste. why bloom? in all honesty, maybe i did not choose the most becoming name! i meant to indicate the blooming of a flower (i.e. entry level of ZYX phono cartridges line) and got carried away…after discontinuing R10, R20, and R30, we decided to have ZYX BLOOM (R50) as our entry level ZYX cartridge.  i can not imagine you can ever find such a great separation of channels and neutrality for such a price.

ZYX airy 3 phono cartridge

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ZYX airy 3 was born. now, for audiophile vinyl playback joy, we have a high-end moving coil phono cartridge from ZYX corporation. it comes in copper and silver coils, in low and high output versions. omedetto.