the olympics – oh, no

October 3, 2009 :: Tags: :: Comments Off on the olympics – oh, no

well, unfortunately we were not even selected as one of the two last finalists. frankly, i was really concerned when 500,000 spaniards went to the streets supporting madrid as the potential host city for the olympics. i just don’t think we could have had that outpouring in chicago. too many people not supporting it. even our city council (alderman) was not totally onboard until last week.
really a shame. i am sad about it.
i was in seoul, korea many times before the world cup and shortly after the world cup. the improvements to the city, and the internationalization of the city was as a byproduct of the world cup events was impressive. i think chicago and america would have benefited from the events. as for me, despite my sadness, i am glad to see how i feel for the city. maybe it is becoming a home, after all.

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