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dear friends, i have been reading your warm and kind thoughts on audiogon (now removed from their website), audio asylum, and other sites. all, i can say is THANKS.

your support has helped us be strong and see the path forward. for that we are forever indebted to you.

so many of you have written to us that when a door closes, another opens.  a good friend/customer of mine from new orleans wrote “there is no way stopping the sun rise every day.”

so, thanks to you, we look forward to the sun rise each day; and we think of the open doors, and the great friends you have been to us.

i also want to emphasize that we bear no ill will against ZYX. we wish ZYX the best and thank hisayoshi nakatsuka san for the opportunity he gave us to work with ZYX and meet you.

nakatsuka san is a special person to us and has his place in our heart. frankly, this of course has made the current situation so much more difficult for us. at the end of the day, nakatsuka san is a good person and a skilled cartridge maker who has contributed tremendously to the analog world. for these, i will always recognize and respect him.

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  1. tom bergeon says:

    I have been an audiophile for the last 30 years – it all started with my friend’s Nakamichi cassette deck. Wow, the detail, design and execution. Since then I have strived to own engaging audio equipment that brings across the passion of music. I have also been playing electric and upright bass for the last five years. You’ll find my postings and system on audiogon under user “audiotomb”.

    My musical quest and nuggets of expert advice found in places like Audiogon – led me to ZYX cartridges and Sora Sound. I enjoy learning about great equipment that is sold direct to enthusiasts, so it was with incredible good fortune and dilegent research that I spoke with Mehran and discussed cartridges. He was never overly assertive, pressured salesman like and talked with me about my system and ideals. I quickly went from looking at the lower end Yantra to getting into a very slightly used Universe. It was a financial stretch for me at the time, and I’m glad the option was made available. I was in audio heaven and within 8 months upgraded my humble Nottingham spacedeck to a Galibier Gavia, Loricraft cleaner, ZYX artisan preamp, all to take in all the Universe had to offer. Mehran helped me with a triplanar arm and all fell perfectly into place.

    A year later I developed some tracking issues, things weren’t right and all the vta and vtf micro adjustments I tried couldn’t cure it. Mehran insisted that the cartridge be inspected in Japan by the designer himself. Sure enough I had weakened the suspension on the cantilever probably by snagging it by being too hard with my magiceraser cleaning. To rebuild or to buy new – was the option Mehran gave me. I stepped up this time and went with a brand new Universe and have not looked back – all the magic back in spades.

    It broke my heart recently to hear that ZYX had pulled Mehran’s audio support. An online buzz had really developed with all of Mehran’s hard work, beyond the call of duty service, and great rapport (we were all treated as friends – not merely customers). News that ZYX was wanting some prestigious network of dealers instead of using a fabulous business model that Mehran had developed and where he had served the real passionate audiophiles so well was indeed puzzling – you don’t mess with an efficient system.

    Mehran knew what the market would bear cost wise because he helped each of us in our agonizing struggle to decide how much hard earned money to commit to a cartridge. And he was preaching to the choir of audioholics. Certainly in this financially daunting time, Sora Sounds internet approach was effective if not outwordly visual.

    In many markets, audio dealers barely have a single inexpensive turntable available in their showroom. With people looking for less expensive alternatives – a $5,000 high end plasma tv, let alone, a delicate cartridge is a hard sell to most. So a dealer network for a boutique item is very visual but it isn’t very cost effective.

    I pray that ZYX look past their overseas dealer’s complaints of being oversold by the exclusivity of the Universe, and see the error in their ways and reinstate Mehran – their hardest working and most valuable asset. Perhaps they can reach a compromise and allow foriegn dealers to sell the Universe.

    A recent audiogon thread – that has since been edited down so as not to upset the new dealers (KT) who are advertising there, brought this event up in great detail. It seems the new dealers came in anonymously and tried to discredit the Universe cartridge, Mehran’s effective practices, etc. They have only served to alienate the very customers they have hoped to attract. Hopefully they will see the error in their ways. This isn’t about sales numbers – it’s about respecting the customer and fullfilling his audio ambitions.

    In all my dealings with Mehran, he has always been a man of great integrity, humor, and helpfulness. I pray that God blesses him in unforseen ways through this current trial.

  2. mehran says:

    Dear Tom,

    Many thanks for your kind comments which mean a lot to me …more than any words can express.

    In all honesty, I have been so pleasantly surprised by the support we have received and that means more to me than a few cartridges.

    At the end, we all will come out ok. Thanks again my friend.

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