ZYX Cartridges – All New Pricing, Back to Sanity!

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Thanks to the support of our customers, SORAsound is back to distributing ZYX cartridges again. Our costs have gone up much higher. Weak dollar and strong yen are hiring us bad. But we have introduced all new retail prices for ZYX to gain your business. They are all below Japan retail prices!

How could it be possible? Well, we are cutting our own profit. In fact, in some cases our margin is less than half of a dealer (yes, you read it right, a dealer, not a distributor) representing some competing brands.

The two years that SORAsound was not representing ZYX Co, prices of ZYX cartridges rocketed up, retailing from $1,000 to $16,000. ZYX Omega retailed up to $8,300. Gold coil had a premium of up to $1,100. ZYX mono cartridges had a significant premium over their stereo siblings.

Now, for the same models, we have the following pricing:

Essentially we have done our best to offer prices as close to what we used to offer (factoring in our extra costs and the exchange rate).

We are also offering generous trade-in, trade-up, and MOVE-to-ZYX packages. For further detail, please contact SORAsound.

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