ZYX Warranty, Grey Market — Important Note

June 3, 2011 :: Tags: , :: 3 Comments

Please note that ZYX cartridges carry a one year non-transferable direct manufacturer’s warranty when purchased from an authorized distributor or dealer. We have seen un-authorized individuals or businesses claiming to sell new cartridges (at times claiming warranty). Please be cautious.

We are aware of altered serial numbers, used cartridges sold as “new in box,” and downright damaged cartridges. If you have doubts, please ask for the serial number first and let us know. We can provide appropriate information for you such as the date of manufacture, country where warranty is valid, if at all.

3 responses to “ZYX Warranty, Grey Market — Important Note”

  1. clive williams says:

    Hello, I am curious to see how the ZYX cartridges will be priced.

  2. mehran says:

    Fairly, professionally, and competitively. In line with prices in Japan as SORAsound always tries to price its imported products similar to the home country of the manufacturer.

  3. mehran says:

    Dear Clive, I received your voice mail yesterday and called you back. Sorry I missed you at the RMAF. Please let me know how I can help you. Best regards, Mehran