Happy 12th Birthday SORA…..

SORA is 12 years old.

Below is an introduction of SORA, in his own words, written a few months ago.

SORA 12th year cake

“I am an 11 year old boy, almost 12.

I am half Iranian and half Japanese but I look more Japanese than Iranian. My mom is Japanese and my dad is Iranian born.
I have long hair because I don’t want to cut it short.
I was born in Tokyo, Japan where I lived for 4 months.

I went on 3 plane rides when I was 4 months old. These were my first plane rides.
I have lived in 4 cities and 3 countries.
I have been to 15 countries and more than 40 cities so far.
I’ve been to 5 schools excluding preschool.
I became the great traveler!!!
Only one big problem is my ears hurt a lot and I hate airplanes ☹

I have played the violin and piano since I was 4. I joined the Chicago youth symphony orchestra last year. I used to do choir but stopped because instead I am attending orchestra class.

I also do karate and swimming. Right now I am an advanced yellow belt in the youth class. In swimming I am in Big 4 but after the season ends they said I will be in Big 5. So I am really happy but really tired because it’s going to be really hard in Big 5.

I like to play games like Wii, Ds, Minecraft, and others. I also like to play a lot with legos. My favorite video game is Minecraft right now. In Minecraft you can go on servers to play with your friends. I really like that and probably the only reason it is my favorite game since it is really fun playing with your friends. ”