We love our customers. SORAsound prides itself on have the BEST customer service. Many of our customers have become friends. This is the main reason we enjoy SORAsound so much. To avoid misunderstandings, please be kind and read our policy as outlined below. Any transaction with SORAsound assumes you have read and accepted the following:

  • EVERYTHING HERE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. This includes prices, specifications, policies, etc. Please do not assume anything. Ask questions before you make a purchase.
  • Generous upgrade allowance.
  • No refunds, returns or exchanges for any reason.
  • Your warranty is the direct manufacturer’s warranty (i.e. not SORAsound) and not tranferable. In case of a problem, it is the manufacturer (not SORAsound) who decides whether the issue in question is covered under warranty.
  • Once an item reaches you, it is covered by the above warranty, if applicable.
  • SORAsound bears no responsibility for the use or misuse of the items purchased.
  • In some markets the product(s) we distribute are represented by a dealer. if so, we will be happy to introduce you to them for a demonstration of our product(s) and best service to you.
  • SORAsound reserves the right to refuse the business to anyone or any entity as it sees appropriate.

Visiting our home. We are a by invitation only audio salon and gallery if you will! We are happy to welcome you to our home to visit our showrooms, have a good cup of tea or coffee, or a glass of fine armagnac. We treat you as our guest and give you the privacy and respect you deserve. You will listen to music in a no pressure environment.

Our only requests: please give us your full information when you want to visit; do your homework before coming over; be in a serious stage of purchasing and not just curious; have a solid idea of your budget, and please do not go shopping around for the products you audition at our place. You will have the best prices and service from us.

We are always ready to welcome our out of town guests who have become friends to stay at our home for the week-end.

Good boys and girls. This is really ALL our customers. As cliche as it may sound, we love our business because of you. You make it fun for us. We love you and do our best to make sure you are happy. Many of our customers have become good friends who visit us or call just to say Hi. You are always welcome to our home. Please do not feel you have to buy anything if you contact us. Just call. It’s always a pleasure hearing from you.

Bad boys and girls. Please do us a favor and do not buy from us…better yet, please do not contact us to begin with. Just do not deal with us and we will love you for that!

In all our years we have had less than a handful of customers we prefer not to do business with. We are not shy to tell those people not to contact us for future business. We want to focus on our time and energy on our customers, the good boys and girls we love.

No tire kickers; those who try to put a couple of dealers/associates pitting against each other for $50; people who are just not happy with their lives, and make us miserable too; people who try to find fault with everything including the audio industry and try to tell us how to run our business; the ones whose offers I accepted but said they need to talk to their wives and get back (thanks for not getting back!), the one who broke his cartridge, blamed the cartridge, but told his friend he broke the cartridge himself, etc.

No “cyber bullies” and “loud mouth bribing.” Some try to “bribe” us by either threatening to post or posting negative things on the web regarding our products or service.  Yes, this may hurt our business with some who do not take the time to know what’s behind your words, but submitting to such individuals would hurt our principles and simply is not just. We will still be happy to deal with such people fairly when they start acting professionally and make a genuine effort in being in the good boys and girls category.

Thanks for your understanding. We love you!