Here I try to answer as many questions as I can. Some questions will be answered with the help of your audiophile virtual friends. Please know that everything here is copyrighted by SORAsound. No parts of this website can be copied without SORAsound’s written permission.

When it comes to installation, most of us like to set our table/tonearm/cartridge once and forget about it for a few months if not a few years. This is possible.  Below you find some information and suggestions for your bedtime reading. If you think I need to add other stuff here, please let me know and I do that.

Everything is system dependant, person dependant, etc. In the great tradition of ours, please accept our disclaimers and please do everything and anything with care. Whatever you do, please keep the stylus guard on as you install and when you are not playing records.

Please ask cleaning ladies, kids with balls in hands, and unknown people/animals to stay away from your analog rig. You are responsible for use, abuse, mistakes, successes and the ultimate joy of your ZYX and audio equipment. Love from SORAsound.