ZYX – North American Retail Prices

WARNING: We have seen ZYX cartridges sold on the web for very low prices. You get what you pay for: a 12 year ZYX cartridge, a modified serial number, a used one sold as new, etc. This is NOT a scare tactic. This is true. If you want to have lower priced cartridges, we often have demo and used cartridges with warranty. Buy one from us instead of a used one from someone else which they call new!


We do NOT ship outside North America, Mexico and The Americas. We expect others to respect our territories and our dealers too. If someone offering you a ZYX cartridge (on the web or otherwise) appears to be an un-authorized seller, please ask for the serial number. We can provide its birthdate for you! Same with any used cartridge. If you doubt, ask and save yourself some hassle (and money) later on.

Give us a chance please. You will love us.

Following you will find ZYX North American retail prices as of July 30, 2017. Based on the exchange rates at the time of establishing these prices, our prices are about same as Japan retail prices, in some cases lower. SORAsound and our associates always do our best to make sure you are treated fairly and are provided the best service and support possible.

ZYX Ultimate Exceed

ZYX Ultimate Exceed Astro $12,500
ZYX Ultimate Exceed Dynamic $8,000
ZYX Ultimate Exceed Diamond Call
ZYX Ultimate Exceed Omega $6,100
ZYX Ultimate Exceed 4D $4,600
ZYX Ultimate Exceed Airy $3,500
ZYX Ultimate Exceed 100 $2,400
ZYX Exceed Bloom $1,400
Mono models Call
Headshell $795
SB/Zn $395
Accessories Call

ZYX Ultimate

  Regular Price Sale Price
ZYX Ultimate Astro $12,500 Call
ZYX Ultimate Dynamic $8,000 $6,600
ZYX Ultimate Omega $5,495 $4,200
ZYX Ultimate 4D $4,395 $3,100
ZYX Ultimate Airy $3,295 $2,300
ZYX Ultimate R100 $2,195 $1,600
ZYX Bloom III $1,200 $900
SB/SB2 Option + Zn (nuts) $395 $280

ZYX UNIverse

  Regular Price Sale Price
ZYX UNIverse Optimum $18,000 Call
ZYX UNIverse III $10,000 Call
Mono models 70% of stereo sibling

All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

All purchases are non-refundable, non-exchangeable. Please refer to SORAsound Policies. We will be happy to answer any question you may have. Please ask before purchasing.

Warranty: ZYX cartridges purchased from SORAsound and its authorized associates carry a one year direct manufacturer’s warranty with ZYX, Co. from the date of purchase, to the original owner. This warranty is non-transferable, applicable to the original owner only. ZYX cartridges are known for their great sound and quality. In case of a problem, like all our other products, it is the manufacturer (not SORAsound) that decides the cause of the problem, and whether or not it is covered under warranty or not.

If you purchase a ZYX cartridge from an un-authorized party (ex. grey market), your cartridge will have no warranty and no support.

Re-tipping is provided at 70% of the retail price. We will exchange your cartridge with a new one. We will also provide you with upgrade options.

We often have demo and / or used cartridges from customers who have upgraded. Please enquire. SORAsound also has generous trade-in, trade-up and MOVE-TO-ZYX policies.

Bad boys and girls. Please do us a favor and do not buy from us…better yet, please do not contact us to begin with. Just do not deal with us and we will love you for that!

In all our years we have had less than a handful of customers we prefer not to do business with. We are not shy to tell those people not to contact us for future business. We want to focus on our time and energy on our customers, the good boys and girls we love.

No tire kickers; those who try to put a couple of dealers/associates pitting against each other for a few dollars; people who are just not happy with their lives making us miserable too; people who try to find fault with everything including the audio industry and try to tell us how to run our business; the ones whose offers I accepted but said they need to talk to their wives and get back (thanks for not getting back!), the one who broke his cartridge, blamed the cartridge, but had told his friend he was the one breaking the cartridge himself, etc.

No “cyber bullies” and “loud mouth bribing.” Some try to “blackmail” us by either threatening to post (or posting) negative things on the web regarding our products or service. Well, I got to tell you – my father was a judge and aside from integrity and love in my family, I learned not to ever let myself be blackmailed!

Bad boys and girls, please know that I’m always available for a candid and professional discussion and will forgive your badness but if you continue to be as you have been in the past, please do us both a favor and do not contact us.

Good boys and girls. This is really ALL our customers. As cliche as it may sound, we love our business because of you. You make it fun for us. We love you and do our best to make sure you are happy. Many of our customers have become good friends who visit us or call just to say Hi. You are always welcome to our home. Please do not feel you have to buy anything if you contact us. Just call. It’s always a pleasure hearing from you.