SORAsound still has some new Ultimate series in stock, making it available to our customers at about 30% off.  We also have a few ZYX demo and used cartridges. Please call us for details.

  Regular Price Sale Price
ZYX Ultimate Astro $12,500 Call
ZYX Ultimate Dynamic $8,000 $6,600
ZYX Ultimate Omega $5,495 $4,200
ZYX Ultimate 4D $4,395 $3,100
ZYX Ultimate Airy $3,295 $2,300
ZYX Ultimate R100 $2,195 $1,600
ZYX Bloom III $1,200 $900
SB/SB2 Option + Zn (nuts) $395 $280

We have many demo products for sale. Some we can not advertise here at discounted price per manufacturer’s policy.

If you are interested in a product you do not see here, please contact SORAsound. At times we have demo, and used trade-in items that are available – only have not had a chance to post here.

Please kindly note these prices are already pretty low, some well under our cost. SORAsound is known for being fair. We are fair, and expect the same in return. Tire kickers, and those coming with a wild offer will lose the privilege of dealing with us in the future. Thanks for your understanding. We love our customers and want to focus on providing the best service to you.