I am mainly interested in modern art. A couple of “emergin artists” I discovered are now among Japan’s top young artists.

And some, like Yuichi Inoue (Japan’s foremost avant garde calligrapher) are simply the best there is.


Nahid is my mother. Aside from being one of the absolute most important influences in my life, she is a talented artist.

Most of these textiles are a few hundred years old. After selecting a few of her best finds, she cleans them, mends them and makes collages, normally using other rare textiles. It took me a long time to realize her artistic influence on me… happy to have her works as one more link between us.


These ceramics are all handmade by pretty well known japanese artists. They are pricey but well worth it.

They range from contemporary (see blue ones with sharp edges) to traditional bizen to works by kumano who makes his ceramics at volcanic temperatures, at times turning all his works to ash… so we are lucky to have these remaining pieces.