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Years ago i lived in this beautiful city for a while. So every couple of years I have to come and say Hi. Visited a good friend of mine and went to a great performance by my friend, Tomoko Mukaiyama.

amsterdam bw 1

ANTWERP, Belgium

What a charming little city. I was lucky to have this view from my room.

antwerp from my room


Wishing you and your families a happy new year. We have been visiting Buenos Aires and will be posting some pictures in M.’s blog soon! ┬áHope you will have a happy and healthy 2014.

Tokyo, Seoul

Love Tokyo. Everyone knows about my affinity for Asia, Japan, and of course all cultures….Also visited Seoul after about 10 years. Somehow I managed to have most my pictures deleted. In the meantime, enjoy what I saw walking the streets of Seoul, Gangnam area.

seoul wedding

Barcelona – Madrid – Lisbon

In line with my goal to take SORA to one new country per year, taking his majesty to Spain and Portugal. SORA is learning Spanish at school. The pressure is on him to guide us.

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