MOERCH has introduced a new top model: The DP-8 Anisotropic.

Anisotropic because the effective mass for the horizontal mode of motion is many times higher than the effective mass for the vertical mode of motion. – No matter the effective mass of the armtube used. (See FEATURES OF THE MOERCH TONEARMS.)

This provides for tremendous improvements in bass response and a lot more dynamics. Read more about it in the DP-8 product page.

The DP-8 Anisotropic got The Golden Ear Award in The Absolute Sound June/July issue 2010.

MOERCH tonearms, the models DP-8, DP-6 and UP-4 are an example of high technical standards and attractive styling.

To Hi-Fi circles all over the world, the name MOERCH was known for their turntable manufacturing in the sixties and seventies.

This experience over the years led to experimenting with all types of tonearms in order to gain greater insight into the turntable/tonearm interface.

While observing correct design fundamentals, crucial parameters such as choice of materials, a new approach to mass distribution, and elimination of arm resonances, required in depth study for the design of an exceptional arm.
This research resulted in the invention and patenting of an entirely new concept of tonearm.

The new model DP-8 Anisotropic is based on the same principles as comprised in this patent.