Moerch Prices

SORAsound is the exclusive distributor for US, Canada and the rest of the Americas for Moerch tonearms.

We offer high quality phono cables (from Moerch, Nordost and ZYX) and phono cartridges as optional. Attractive package pricing when you purchase a Moerch tonearm, any phono cable and a phono cartridge of your choice.

Warning: We have seen some so called used/mint Moerch tonearms offered at low prices. You get what you pay for. In reality some of these tonearms are well over 10 or 15 years old; about 22 years old in two recent cases. The good news is that there are many Moerch tonearms that are this old and still used well by satisfied customers. The bad news is that some of these arms may have broken or missing parts. Give us a chance. We take care of you well and you will have a peace of mind.

Suggested retail prices are shown in the table below. As seen below, 12 inch and/or precision arm wands are also available as an option for an additional $400 over the retail price of standard Moerch tonearms and arm wands. 

Latest models of Moerch tonearm cable available as an option.

DP8 gold $6,495
DP8 chrome $5,695
DP8 black limited edition TBD
DP6 gold $3,795
DP6 chrome $3,295
UP4 chrome $2,395
Precision armwand gold/chrome $1,345/$1,195
12″ armwand gold/chrome $1,345/$1,195
Standard armwand gold/chrome $945/$795
Option: precision armwand in lieu of standard + $400
Option: 12″ armwand in lieu of standard + $400
Option: Phono cable + $795