The recommended VTF range for ZYX cartridges is 1.75-2.25 grams.

Many cartridges are very sensitive to every parameter, including VTF (tracking force). Depending on your climate, a good starting point for ZYX cartridges would be anywhere from 1.95-2.10g (colder climates need more VTF).

It’s safer to start with higher VTF’s and move downward than to start with a VTF that might be too low. Inadequate VTF’s cause mis-tracking, which is the number one cause of irreparable vinyl damage. Also, VTF’s near the top of the suggested range helps new cartridges settle in faster.

2.00g is a reasonable starting point, but the optimal VTF for any particular ZYX will vary with the system and the environment. Some ZYX users play as low as 1.85g. Others play as high as 2.15g.

Most fall between those extremes.

Many people find VTF needs to be slightly higher in cold weather, slightly lower in hot weather. It is useful and educational to experiment with small VTF changes. ZYX’s are quite sensitive to this, especially the UNIverse. In my experience, ZYX 4D and ZYX Omega are the least sensitive to such changes. Again, please try and enjoy it.