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musical affairs audio rack

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SORAsound collection of audio racks includes four great products: Harmonic Resolution Systems’ HRX, finite elemente master pagode reference series, rixrax, and musical affairs custom made audio racks.

musical affairs stand pic 1it is well known that hans kortenbach of musical affairs makes great speakers using PHY drivers. what is less known is that he makes some great custom made audio racks too.

SORAsound is proud to introduce musical affairs audio rack to you. this particular rack weighs about 250 lbs and has a CD shelf built in at the bottom. all expertly matched to your crescendo speakers too!

musical affairs stand pic 2

copulare audio racks

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today we informed our friends at copulare it is best for them to find a different north american distributor or go direct. i have already offered the line to a few distributors to consider. we still believe copulare is a very good and beautiful rack. we wish gerhard , mathias and their team the best.  we now have four audio racks addressing all our customer needs. they are harmonic resolutions, finite elemente pagod master reference series, musical affairs and rixrax.

harmonic resolution systems audio racks

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SORAsound now represents harmonic resolution systems (HRS) audio racks. on order: lamborghini green custom made top of the line audio rack for SORAsound. as always, the best.

rixrax audio rack

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SORAsound now represents rixrax.

finite elemente audio racks

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SORAsound now represents finite elemente audio racks and amp stands from germany. our focus naturally is on finite elemente master pagod series.