hisayoshi nakatsuka

your warm thoughts

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dear friends, i have been reading your warm and kind thoughts on audiogon (now removed from their website), audio asylum, and other sites. all, i can say is THANKS.

your support has helped us be strong and see the path forward. for that we are forever indebted to you.

so many of you have written to us that when a door closes, another opens.  a good friend/customer of mine from new orleans wrote “there is no way stopping the sun rise every day.”

so, thanks to you, we look forward to the sun rise each day; and we think of the open doors, and the great friends you have been to us.

i also want to emphasize that we bear no ill will against ZYX. we wish ZYX the best and thank hisayoshi nakatsuka san for the opportunity he gave us to work with ZYX and meet you.

nakatsuka san is a special person to us and has his place in our heart. frankly, this of course has made the current situation so much more difficult for us. at the end of the day, nakatsuka san is a good person and a skilled cartridge maker who has contributed tremendously to the analog world. for these, i will always recognize and respect him.

ZYX ARTisan phono stage

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ZYX ARTisan phono stage made by hisayoshi nakatsuka san of ZYX, CO. nakatsuka san asked SORAsound to be the first ZYX distributor to market his phono stage. ZYX ARTisan design is simple, yet clever – both inside and outside. it has inputs for both moving coil (MC) and moving magnet (MM) cartridges. you will not need to use the ZYX CPP-1 pre-preamp with ZYX ARTisan.

SORAsound, LLC is born

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a surprise request from hisayoshi nakatsuka san of ZYX. after lots and lots of purchases as an end consumer, a few consulting gigs for manufacturers, and a sheer coincidence…..nakatsuka san asked mehran to become the north american distributor for ZYX cartridges. initially mehran rejected the offer as he did not like the traditional model of audio business, did not like shows (avoided vegas at all costs), and frankly did not think he would be successful.

after some talks, and given mehran’s good friendship with hisayoshi nakatsuka san, mehran decided to partner with ZYX and sibatech. this turned out to be a great journey for us as we have met a lot of nice people because of the joy of music ZYX phono cartridges bring to all of us. soon after, SORAsound, LLC was born.