AMAZON audio turntables and MOERCH tonearms

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SORAsound has been representing amazon audio and moerch for a few years now. there are a couple of companies in north america that claim on their websites they are authorized dealers for these items. they are not! in one case, the company still claims on their website they are moerch distributor. we asked them a few years ago a few times to move that from their website. they did not do that. please contact SORAsound if you are interested in any of the AMAZON audio turntables or moerch tonearms and we take care of you ourselves or via one of our authorized partners.

golden ear award for davinci audio aas gabriel turntable and grandezza tonearm

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davinci audio is pleased to receive a golden ear award for its aas gabriel turntable and grandezza tonearm. for further details, please see the writing.

the absolute sound review: davinci audio aas gabriel turntable and grandezza tonearm

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jonathan valin of the absolute sound reviews davinci peter in munichda vinci audio labs’ aas gabriel turntable and grandezza tonearm in the march 2009 issue of the absolute sound. result: “hats off, gentlemen.”

attached is the pdf version of the review.

SUONO: davinci audio aas gabriel turntable and grandezza tonearm

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for the italian in you, or the lover of the pictures in you, AAS_Gabriel_TurnTable hand polished blacktake a look at the SUONO article on davinci audio’s aas gabriel turntable and grandezza tonearm. you donot need to speak italian to follow all the acclaim and enjoy the beautiful pictures.

DaVinciAudio Labs turntable, tonearm, cartridge and electronics

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DaVinciAudio Labs is best known for their tonearms which are works of art. but they make an array of top line equipment including drop dead gorgeous turntables, tube amps, cables, and more. our representation of DaVinciAudio demonstrates solid affirmation for SORAsound’s capability to represent some of the highest end products in the world. we now represent some of the best tonearms in the world including moerch, triplanar, graham engineering, and of course now DaVinciAudio.

their turntable aas gabriel is a beauty. maybe i will get myself an orange one someday with their grandezza tonearm and grandezza cartridge. now, that is an idea.