Happy Birthday SORA.

December 15, 2012 :: 2 Comments

Our gorgeous boy is 10 years old today.

Yet as we celebrate SORA’s birthday and count our blessings for having him, we mourn the death of 20 young, innocent angels in Newton, Connecticut yesterday.

May peace and sanity be upon us all.

and my love, SORA — thanks for every day of last 10 years.


2 responses to “Happy Birthday SORA.”

  1. Nate Kern says:

    So proud of you Mehran for raising this guy the way you are, I hope he grows up to be a good example and leader in his generation!

  2. mehran says:

    WOW…so kind of you Nate for saying this and for the nice wishes. I sincerely appreciate it. Hope to see you soon my friend. Love from Chicago. Mehran