iranian audiophiles

October 12, 2009 :: Tags: , :: 2 Comments

music lives high in iran where you can find a tight knit group of audiophiles. my friend sirous omidvar of avin ava is contributing well to that. nami, sora and i had a great meal at sirous, shadi and avin’s home talking about cultures, life, and music. we adjourned to sirous’s meticulous showroom while nami, sora, and avin played with their four new kittys.

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  1. Jai Rooprah says:

    Hi Mehran and greetings from a wet Sunday and dreary evening in London.

    I wish to congratulate you on your website and I truly wish all decent and proper audiophile websites had the courage, colour and straight-talking ability that you so gracefully display.

    Here, in our United Kingdom, we audiophiles face interesting challenges as end-users. We now have some great Japanese audiophilia landing here but it has the terrible cancer of being over-priced and under-represented in the audio media, which rules this small audio island. Sadly, the new-found products face the danger of above symptoms turning to gangrene in which case, they either just fall off the edge one sunny morning or end up being surgically and painfully removed. In either case, the root cause was never identified or eliminated thorugh will or capability despite all the warning signs.

    In many ways, I envy the American audiophile – lots of great kit, decent pricing, availability and professional support although I understand that not all is what it seems from the other side. …

    You have a wonderful product portfolio, who knows, I may be tempted !

    All the very best & kind regards, Jai.

  2. mehran says:

    Hi Jai, many thanks for your kind feedback. I sincerely appreciate it. Have a good week….Mehran