last night in warsaw

October 1, 2009 :: Tags: :: 2 Comments

i am very happy i came to warsaw. met many new people and of course some audiophiles too. the dinner last night was bad. i went to a restaurant called belvedere. i was told it is the best restaurant in warsaw but my fear proved true. it is the kinda place businessmen and diplomats with an expense account and no taste, wanting to impress others go to. unfortunately it cost me over $200 to realize that.
so, tonight i went back to the same restaurant i had gone two nights ago. i love it. polish food, great good. they recommended a few places for me to go to in vienna. i ended the evening with the opening party of pedro almodovar movie. met some very nice people. one person was an american champ living here and studying polish and wanting to get his master’s degree in economics. impressive. how often do we run into someone wanting to learn polish?
many thanks go to my friends in poland. appreciate your hospitality and hope to see you in chicago – hopefully the host city for the olympics.

2 responses to “last night in warsaw”

  1. Iwona says:

    Hi Mehran!
    I like your blog! You travel a lot, that’s great!
    First I am sorry, the host city for the olympics will not be chicago!;) Come to Warsaw again in 2012 (for the european champinship:)

    It was really nice to get know you! Enjoy Vienna!

    Best wishes from cold Warsaw!

  2. mehran says:

    hi iwona…was a pleasure meeting you in warsaw. i have great respect for your beautiful city and country. i feel so bad about chicago not becoming a host city, and worse – not even becoming a finalist. i feel so sad that our president, first lady and many others including oprah put so much personal stake in this.