luminary visiting SORAsound

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baba1my father is visiting for three weeks. he is 83 years old. he is a very good man, a great father, and i am very proud of him. he wakes up very early in the mornings and goes for a three hour walk.

i have a brother and a sister. i have not seen my brother (and most of my family) since 1978. i hope to visit iran this year and see him and the rest of the family.

the orange shirt is a gift from me. i love orange color, hence the custom made lamborghini orange DaVinciAudio turntable and achille castiglioni listening chair.

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  1. David Umphrey says:

    Having had the pleasure of your hospitality for me and my family at your home when I purchased my ZYX cart, I can say that regardless of any business misunderstandings, you set a standard by which other dealers should aspire. Far too often, sincere interest in customers as people and actual concern for helping with our audio desires is lost. In spite of the audio path you seem forced to pursue, I for one, am quite pleased you have not succumbed to external pressures and will allow us to continue our relationship with you through the offerings of other high quality audio products. I am happy to see your 83 -year old dad visiting and I hope you remember when we brought my 86-year old mom with us on our visit. Welcome back!