rcm audio of poland

November 22, 2009 :: Comments Off on rcm audio of poland

Bonasus_redSORAsound is proud to be representing RCMAudio in north america. the brain behind rcm audio is roger adamek who is willing to talk to his customers and distributors non-stop about his products, explaining all the intricacies. rcm product line up includes a mighty tube amp (over 70 kg) called bonasus, an amazing solid state phono stage, a tube preamp (soon to be marketed), and 101 db efficiency speakers.

for those of you outside chicago area, we can consider shipping you the phono stage for a listen and comparison with your top of the line phono stage. as the amp, if you help us lift it, then why not. you will feel as lucky as we are to listen to such an amazing amp, at such a great value.

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