sold out – canrong digital stylus guage

December 4, 2009 :: 6 Comments

we are sold out of canrong  digital stylus guage. we wish canrong people and those who carry their products the best. SORAsound is considering providing another digital stylus guage to its customers. thanks for your patience.

6 responses to “sold out – canrong digital stylus guage”

  1. lock says:

    What is your replacement for Canrong digital stylus guage?


  2. mehran says:

    Hi. I will have a new brand in April. It is certainly better built and so far has been precise. They are building it for me in March. I keep you posted on this site. Thanks.

  3. Gary says:

    Looking for a digital stylus guage. I can use my old Shure until I know you have received your new one.
    Thanks, Gary

  4. mehran says:

    Hi Gary, I am waiting for the new guages. As soon as they arrive, i will put them on my site. They are a lot better made than the Canrongs (which were very precise but had some quality / battery issues). Thanks for checking.

  5. mr says:

    Any update on the new gauges?

  6. mehran says:

    Good morning Marc. I have received them and they seem to be much better quality. Please send me your address to I will send you one in a couple of days.
    Thanks for your patience.