Visiting Hans Kortenbach of Musical Affairs

March 12, 2012 :: 3 Comments

My dear friend Alex and I drove to Hans and Kikie’s house, enjoying their hospitality – great dutch lunch and great conversation. Last but not least, listening to Hans’s latest masterpieces. Hans never ceases to impress me, with his positive attitude and his talent. Always wanting to improve himself and help others.

3 responses to “Visiting Hans Kortenbach of Musical Affairs”

  1. Ron says:

    How do you explain the not so good review at 6 moons on the Musical Affairs speaker
    Does it able to “play” opera or Mahler?
    What about Dylan and Young
    Coltrane and Bird?

  2. mehran says:

    Dear Ron,
    Thanks for your posting. I think Hans Kortenbach responded to 6 Moons review. I have sent Hans an email to check your posting and reply if he wishes. Personally I prefer not to get into that.

    Another reviewer, at about the same time wrote a majestic review (yet to be published). He had the speakers at his disposal for many months. If he gives me the permission, I will publish on my website.

    As for me, I can only talk about my own experience. Your Bird, Coltrane, and Dylan will play beautifully with a great presence. Opera? As stated in the Bio of my wife, Nami, she’s a classically trained singer who attended Tokyo university of arts, and has had a solo recital at Suntory Hall (Japan’s parallel to Carnegie Hall?). We listen to opera all the time and enjoy it tremendously on Musical Affairs.

    Please feel welcome to call to discuss further if you wish.

  3. Last week we listened to a GIP laboratory loudspeaker system; copies of the original Western Electric speakers made ​​in the thirties of the last century and at a certain moment my good friend Caspar shouted “what in heavens name are we doing nowadays in the so called high-end audio, listening to this system you realize everything we produce nowadays just got worse ”

    I cherish the memories of my good friend Bernard Salabert, a man who knew whereof he spoke when it came to audio gear and high quality music reproduction, unfortunately most contemporary reviews are missing depth and knowledge about what it is all about when it comes to reproduction of real MUSIC

    This is all I have to say about the 6 Moons review!