berne, switzerland

August 28, 2009 :: 1 Comment

in the TGV now going to berne to visit with my good friends, jolanda and peter of davinci audio labs. i am impressed with swiss telecom. very good speed (both the network and the train). but in all honesty i should be enjoying the view of swiss countryside rather than checking emails. this trip has been good so far. i have met some very capable manufacturers. i am not sure what will come out of it but it has been a learning experience that i have enjoyed very much.  i am also happy that everyone takes SORAsound opinion’s and business model seriously.

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  1. Mehran,

    Good to hear you are visiting now the da Vinci people; bring them our greetings and I wish you a nice stay in Switzerland. If possible sent me some pictures of the workshop and products; I am very much impressed by the “looks”of the da Vinci products!