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Happy Iranian New Year

March 20, 2013 :: Comments Off on Happy Iranian New Year

First day of spring marks the beginning of the Iranian new year (Norouz). As a proud American, I still celebrate my Iranian heritage and hope SORA will do some of that.

Iran is a rich culture with great people. To the surprise of many, Iranian population as a whole is very pro-American. I hope more Americans can visit Iran and feel first hand the genuine love of the Iranian people.

Few weeks, maybe even a couple of months before the spring starts, Iranian families clean their houses real well. They wear all new clothing on the first day of spring, and embrace a new beginning. They put all the negative thoughts and feelings behind them, and welcome a fresh start.

May peace be upon us. May our love for each other grow.

Happy Iranian new year.10 pc haft seen

Mother of all burgers

March 7, 2013 :: Comments Off on Mother of all burgers

Au Cheval is a diner of some sort is Chicago. Lovely staff. Delicious food. They even have a reel to reel tape player. I was there a couple of days ago and talked myself into eating a burger with thick pork belly on the top, and then a giant mille feuille. If i die young, you know why.

cheval burger


cheval mille feuille

Duck @ Trencherman, Chicago

March 7, 2013 :: Comments Off on Duck @ Trencherman, Chicago

Another great restaurant close to SORAsound headquarters, i.e. our humble adobe. Real Americana food with a twist. Below picture of Peking duck breast.

duck breast

Storefront Company, Chicago

March 7, 2013 :: Comments Off on Storefront Company, Chicago

This restaurant has turned out to be one of my favorite spots lately. I sit at the front counter and order the tasting menu. The pasty chef, Kym DeLost is also really talented. She makes amazing deserts, beautifully presented and not so sweet. Below, antelope.


Auctions towards funds for the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary school, CT

December 19, 2012 :: Comments Off on Auctions towards funds for the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary school, CT

SORAsound is running some auctions on Audiogon towards funds for the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School, CT. Half the proceedings from each auction will go towards such fund. If you do not bid, please consider contributing directly to a charity of your choice.

One reputable organization raising funds to help the victims and the community is the Sandy Hook School Support Fund. The fund is organized by the United Way of Western Connecticut in partnership with Newtown Savings Bank, a financial institution with its home in the local community. Except for credit card processing fees, 100% of donations go to the charity. United Way has waived its normal administrative fees.
Thanks for your consideration. Love to you and your families.