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Barcelona – Madrid – Lisbon

March 30, 2012 :: Comments Off on Barcelona – Madrid – Lisbon

In line with my goal to take SORA to one new country per year, taking his majesty to Spain and Portugal. SORA is learning Spanish at school. The pressure is on him to guide us.

As always I am an email, or a phone call away from you. Immediate shipping on all products. And always a pleasure hearing from you.

Visiting Hans Kortenbach of Musical Affairs

March 12, 2012 :: 3 Comments

My dear friend Alex and I drove to Hans and Kikie’s house, enjoying their hospitality – great dutch lunch and great conversation. Last but not least, listening to Hans’s latest masterpieces. Hans never ceases to impress me, with his positive attitude and his talent. Always wanting to improve himself and help others.

Visiting DaVinci Audio in Berne

March 5, 2012 :: 1 Comment

Had a delightful two days with Peter, Jolanda and Sandro in Berne, Switzerland, at the DaVinci Audio Atelier.

We listened to great music on Peter’s latest creations Nifty, and Virtu lines of DaVinci Audio. Peter is a man of ideas who never compromises on quality. At the end what matters to him is the sound, the music and the culture of music.

Left Berne with more love for DaVinci people and a couple of kilos extra weight – in my belly.

Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, and France

February 17, 2012 :: Comments Off on Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, and France

SORAsound will be visiting associates in Zurich/Berne, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris.

Looking forward to seeing my dear friends from DaVinci Audio, and Hans Kortenbach of Musical Affairs. They both have new products that I will be checking out. There are also a couple of surprise visits and new products to announce.

Also looking forward to another great dinner at Fischers Fritz in Berlin and hunting new places and records. Berlin remains one of my favorite places to listen to some great music, be it a smoky jazz lounge where I cover my nose, or a stuffy concert hall. Last time I was there, I missed Nina Hagen by one day. I know some who may leave the country altogether to avoid her. As for me, I love her music and respect her talent much.

As always, my dear friends – it does not matter where I am. Always a phone call or an email away from you.



RIP Steve Jobs

October 6, 2011 :: Tags: , :: Comments Off on RIP Steve Jobs

What a sad day. What a huge loss. Steve Jobs was such a part of our daily lives, whether we used Apple products or not. His impact on our lives will be felt forever. A bit over two years ago I posted one of my favorite speeches of his on this blog, his commencement speech at Stanford University. A friend of mine put it well: “God wanted someone to invent iCloud!” RIP. I stay hungry, I stay foolish.