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Omaha, Los Angeles, New York and Denver (RMAF)

August 8, 2011 :: Comment

In the next few weeks SORAsound will be visiting associates and friends in Omaha, Los Angeles, and New York. We will also be attending RMAF in Denver showing ZYX Phono cartridges, Moerch tonearms, AMAZON REFERENZ and RCM Audio. Please make sure we say Hi.

Puerto Rico

July 26, 2011 :: Comment

I don’t know why it took me 32 years living in America to go to Puerto Rico. Better late than never. Great food. Beautiful people and beautiful scenery. Stayed at RitZ Cartlon resort but I think next time prefer to stay in a hotel I saw in the old town. Little (big) things I did not know about Puerto Rico: no federal income tax and no representation in the house.

Kingdom of Tonga

July 10, 2011 :: Comment

What an amazing experience.

I figured while we are in the area, we should take a trip to one of the islands. Fiji, Samoa, and the Cooks Island were all great options but I figured we would not necessarily make a special trip from Chicago to go to the Kingdom of Tonga. After SORA seeing some of the luxuries of NZ, and Australia, it made sense to go somewhere more “basic,” more “down to earth” if you will – but somewhere blessed with so much nature, beauty, and warm hearted people.

We stayed in one of the “best” resorts there but still close to the town so we’d enjoy the cultural activities and seeing the locals. Our room roughly cost us a couple of hundred dollars a night which is plenty there. But I tell you, in America, you would be paying less than $50 for that room. On the bright side, all night long we heard the sound of wild waves…what a beauty.

Queenstown & Milford South, New Zealand

July 3, 2011 :: Comment

And God created New Zealand – Heaven on Earth.

Some have told me to try Alaska. They say it is as beautiful.

I went to school in Geneva years ago before you were born. The mountains here are at least as amazing. The drive from Queenstown to Milford sound was fabulous. The mirror lake was just amazing (see the pictures). And the flight back in such a small plane was magnificent. Will never take that flight again.

When I first started spending time in NZ, I told Nami and SORA to travel there as much as they can because NZ and Australia are so far away that we would not go back to the region. Guess what? The more I saw there, the more I said we would come back.

Sydney, Australia

June 6, 2011 :: Comment

I have been spending a lot of time down under lately. A quick trip to Sydney, Australia with SORA and Nami. Sydney has changed a lot since last time I was there. Impossible to make reservations at Tetsuya’s and Quay. Even for me!

I have only been to Sydney three times. First time managed to go to Tetsuya’s for both lunch and dinner (they made a different menu for me at night). Second time I went there three times in five nights I was there. This time zero. Instead enjoyed exploring different parts of Sydney and meeting new people. Somehow I had missed the alleys in my prior trips. Here are some pictures. Hope you enjoy them.