Japan Benefit Concerts and Other Activities

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I am proud of Nami and many of our musician friends across the globe  for all their efforts to collect money for Japan. Pictures below you will see Nami at a concert to raise money for the victims of the Japanese tsunami and earthquakes.

SORAsound collected money from some auctions. We talked to Sora’s school to run some activities to generate funds for the Japanese red cross. SORAsound used the funds generated from our auctions to match what the school had collected dollar by dollar (we had used that as an encouragement for people to contribute). Nami also worked closely with the school.

Special thanks go to our friends and all those who bid on our auctions.

Japan Charity Auctions


Tom Evans Audio Design, RCM Audio, ZYX UNIverse and our entire inventory of high quality digital stylus gauges.

SORAsound is glad to put certain items on auction to benefit the victims of Japan earthquake.

Special thanks to my dear friend Tom Evans who has offered a 20th anniversary edition Groove for auction, starting at $1.

If you can not bid, please consider donating any amount to the Red Cross or any other association helping victims of this disaster. Thanks for your support.

Japan – When Bad Things Happen to Good People……..


Devastating earthquake. Have been feeling too numb to write. ¬†Nicholas Kristoff said it well today in his NY Times article “Sympathy for Japan, and Admiration.” Watch Japan in the coming days and weeks, and I bet we can also learn some lessons.”

I have been emailing/texting friends in Japan. One was under her table while writing. All wrote about how shaken they are – emotionally.

With prayers, and hope.