tehran, iran

October 4, 2009 :: Tags: , :: 4 Comments

i am now in tehran, visiting my home country after about 32 years. there are many cousins i am now meeting for the first time. my aunts and uncles look much older now. everyone is so kind and i am so proud of the good people they are.
the trip through customs was uneventful and easy. the immigration officers were very professional to everyone. i was wearing conservative clothing (versus my usual music type of a guy dude stuff) but i soon realized my concern was a bit unfounded. you see all kinds of people, albeit it still makes sense to be on the conservative side to avoid the fashion police.
i have only had a two hour walk outside home. i passed by many men who appear to be gay. so yes, forget what you heard at columbia university! women cover their head with a scarf but it is often pretty fashionable and does not cover the head fully. in fact, some of their fashion and scarves draw attention to them more. e.g. a young woman covering half of her head with a scarf and her hair closer to the front was blue.
access to facebook and twitter is very difficult. i am taking a lot of pictures that i will be posting here. so far there have been two trips in my life i have been most excited about. this trip to visit iran, and my 1977 trip out of iran when i moved to switzerland.

4 responses to “tehran, iran”

  1. Bob says:

    Hello, Mehran
    Greetings from Kansas! I see you have finally made your return trip to Iran. A country much in the news. Let’s hope for better relations with them. I”m sure you are enjoying yourself and seeing family and friends.
    Have a safe trip back to Chicago (no Olympics; sad for the city).


  2. mehran says:

    bob…thanks for the kind note. this trip has been eye opening for me. i will be posting more in my blog shortly. for the time being, let me just say that whoever we have met loves america! went to a great concert last night. i am so sad regarding chicago. i think so many people in chicago were half hearted about chicago becoming a host city. really a shame. what a lost opportunity. let us catch up when i return. would love to hear how you have been.

  3. shirin says:

    thanks 4 ur lovely an iranian girl (i live in tehran)
    & i liked ur pictures of masooleh

  4. mehran says:

    thanks shirin jan….appreciate your note…best regards.