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August 14, 2009 :: Tags: :: 1 Comment

vanilla bicycles is a speciality hand made bike shop. their commuter bikes (which is really what i want) require a 5 year wait to get on the wait list! in fact, they do not even accept orders for them now.

based on the recommendation of an audiophile customer, turned a good friend and design advisor, i ordered a bike while ago. it was supposed to have been ready around four months ago but i am still waiting patiently. so now i know what bikes and audio products have in common: delays.

handmade bikes, tonearms, mechanical watches, fountain pens – seems like most of us in one vice, carry at least one other vice in common.

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  1. Mehran,

    Maybe I told you sometime: I am a bike lover too…… I had a look on the Vanilla website: these bikes are wonderfull, all details are very nice and I loved them!

    Many years ago I made my own racing bicycle: everything “home made” the frame in Reynolds double butted tubing. Unfortunately I lost the pictures!

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