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SORAsound representing Tara Labs cables.

We have added yet one more line of great cables. Please call for auditioning opportunities.

Tomoko Mukaiyama concert, streaming Saturday June 4, 2020.

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One of my absolute favorite, out of this world composers and pianists.

“A Live is an online concert series presented by Tomoko Mukaiyama which explores the new platform for sharing space and time with viewers via the latest technology, under the Corona situation.
In the A Live series Tomoko collaborates with filmmaker Reinier van Brummelen to create the combination of music and moving images as well as an online installation. Luftzug/Yutaka Endo has established the new digital platform as a technical director. 
A Live vol. 2 features Simeon ten Holt’s Canto Ostinato, nicknamed the “life-changing melody” performed on the straight-strings piano -‘Chris Maene’ which was developed by a Belgian piano studio with Maestro Barenboim. Tomoko will wear a black dress by Dutch celebrated designer Iris van Herpen.”

Please click for further details.

Ansuz Acoustic 75% to 85% off

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We are focusing on other cable brands we carry and selling our inventory of Ansuz at real low prices.

We have Ansuz D2, and C2 power cords (2m), our own demo units with less than 20 hours on them. Also have some entry level models that normally give as gift to our good customers.

Have 10 units of new, sealed C2 Ansuz phono cables 1.5m each, retails $5,625. Yours for $1,195 each. How many do you want?

Have a lot of accessories. Ansuz D – TC cable lifters, D2 and D-TC (adjustable) resonance thingies.

While we are at it, have Raidho rack (local pick up only). Please call for details.

5/5 review of ZYX ASTRO by Analog magazine of Japan

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Congratulations to Nakatsuka san of ZYX for his latest achievement. Ultimate Astro received a 5 out of 5 rating by the highly respected Analog magazine of Japan.


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Dec. 17, 2019. Dear friends, tonight I was mugged and my iPhone got stolen. I had to have my data erased remotely. There is a high chance i have lost your info. I expect to get a new phone tomorrow Dec. 18, 2019 but if you need to reach me, please email or leave your phone number.  Thank you.