SORA graduated from kindergarten

June 12, 2009 :: Tags: :: 1 Comment

sora-graduation-kindergarten1dad and mom are proud to announce SORA’s graduation from kindergarten today. our parents taught us not to show off. but how can i shut up about a six year old who is in the gifted program, speaks japanese and english, studies math at second grade level (exaggerating a bit here), plays a few musical instruments, sings with a higher pitch than her accomplished opera singer mother, and whom we caught googling a word he had no business googling?

like all parents, we are blessed.

hannl record cleaning machines

June 8, 2009 :: Tags: , :: 2 Comments

we now represent hannl record cleaning machines. these beautiful machines are the best record cleaning machines we have found in the market.

copulare audio racks

June 4, 2009 :: Tags: , :: Comments Off on copulare audio racks

today we informed our friends at copulare it is best for them to find a different north american distributor or go direct. i have already offered the line to a few distributors to consider. we still believe copulare is a very good and beautiful rack. we wish gerhard , mathias and their team the best.  we now have four audio racks addressing all our customer needs. they are harmonic resolutions, finite elemente pagod master reference series, musical affairs and rixrax.

tom evans

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SORAsound is on a roll. we are now representing tom evans based on our customers’ great recommendations.

pass labs

May 28, 2009 :: Comments Off on pass labs

SORAsound now represents pass labs.