SORAsound representing Cardas, Purist Audio Design, and Siltech

July 15, 2019 :: Comment

SORAsound is proud to be representing 3 new lines of cables:

This is in addition to our existing wonderful lines of cables Ansuz Acoustics and Stealth Audio Cables. Please contact us for auditioning any of these.

Nordost ODIN 2 on sale.

November 4, 2018 :: Comment

We have a few Nordost ODIN 1 and ODIN 2, Qbase8, Qkore on sale. Preference goes to existing North American customers. Please call us for details.


November 4, 2018 :: Comment


Please contact us for getting the best out of your analog.

Graham Elite 12 inch, Graham base — in stock

November 4, 2018 :: Comment

After a long wait (you do not want to know how long!!!), in stock….

Please call us for details..

ZYX NEW Products

November 4, 2018 :: Comment

Nakatsuka Sensei has been busy doing his best for you: ZYX Astro, ZYX Dynamic, and more and more.  All in stock. Please call us for details.