Auctions towards funds for the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary school, CT

December 19, 2012 :: Comment

SORAsound is running some auctions on Audiogon towards funds for the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School, CT. Half the proceedings from each auction will go towards such fund. If you do not bid, please consider contributing directly to a charity of your choice.

One reputable organization raising funds to help the victims and the community is the Sandy Hook School Support Fund. The fund is organized by the United Way of Western Connecticut in partnership with Newtown Savings Bank, a financial institution with its home in the local community. Except for credit card processing fees, 100% of donations go to the charity. United Way has waived its normal administrative fees.
Thanks for your consideration. Love to you and your families.

ZYX UNIverse II — WOW!!

October 9, 2012 :: Tags: :: Comment

SORAsound is honored to announce ZYX UNIverse II. For the last few months we have been testing and testing our ears out. This is the BEST we have ever heard.

Great news to our loyal customers who have the original UNIverse. As always SORAsound provides generous upgrade packages to you. You also have higher priority. Customers who bought a UNIverse during 2012, were offered full credit towards UNIverse II. Yes, we are fair and generous, and we know it!

Check out our product page and a review of ZYX UNIverse II. Retail $8,495.

SORAsound ZYX Moerch RCM Audio at RMAF 2012

September 30, 2012 :: Tags: :: Comment

We are glad to be showing our beloved ZYX cartridges, Moerch tonearms and RCM Audio phono stage at Rocky Mountain Audio Show (RMAF) 2012 room 437. In attendance, my good friend Hans Henrik Moerch who loves to talk about his beautiful tonearms. Please stop by and say hi. If I am not in, call me so I can come and meet you in person. It is normally hard to spot me in one location too long.

SORAsound / ZYX at Toronto Audio Show 2012 (TAVES)

September 27, 2012 :: Tags: :: Comment

We are glad to be demonstrating ZYX 4D at TAVES.

Nordost Event at SORAsound

April 29, 2012 :: Comment

Pleased to let you know that we will be having a by invitation only Nordost event at SORAsound on Friday June 8th in the evening. Expect some good wine and cheese; most importantly an informative evening.

Lars Kristensen of Nordost is coming to the United States all the way from Denmark. A long time engineer and trainer with Nordost, Lars travels the globe presenting Foundation Theory and how we can improve Hifi systems. Cables are part of this theory and Lars will show you exactly how cables influence a system. Lars has a unique way of presenting his thoughts and it’s all about music, not a lecture. During the presentation Lars uses everyday music and some extraordinary music to show you what you can do to take your system to the next level. Will upgrading a power cord make a difference? You be the judge and come hear for yourself.

Lars also knows a lot about Raidho speakers that SORAsound represents in the Midwest. We will be having Raidho speakers on display and in demonstrations.

Also in attendance, my dear friend, Michael Taylor of Nordost.

Click on this link to get a taste of the event.