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December 19, 2009 :: Tags: :: 4 Comments

Mark DiNucci is known to be the bike makers bike maker. His bikes are handmade with full attention to each detail. He is an inspiration to many famed bike makers. A friend of mine who happens to be a designer and a bike aficionado wrote to me “… Mark is perhaps the best of all the frame builders … I have worked with all of the very best over the last 30 years and his work is revered by everyone in the framebuilding community……

Mark is a different type of craftsman….. He can work in any medium and has a zen like approach to his work. Simple, elegant and with an extraordinary level of craftsmanship. On the project he just did, his machine tools were still in storage, but being unsatisified with the shapes of some small cable guides for the bike, simply picked up a piece of bar stock and a hand file and dedicated 10 hours to filing 2 perfectly matched and very elegant parts….”

The craftsmanship is great. Analog people would fall in love with DiNucci’s art. Think of it as a great tone-arm, a DaVinci, a Graham, a Triplanar, a Moerch or a Schroeder. All great. Look, feel, sound, ride different but so be it. The art and the craft are to be appreciated as do the beautiful sound and ride. Mark, hurry up buddy. I can not wait for my frame.

4 responses to “DiNucci Cycles”

  1. Sean says:

    Nothing rides like steel. His bikes look beautiful. My main ride is a fillet brazed frame from another Oregon custom builder, landshark. Post pics when your rig arrives!

  2. mehran says:

    Will do. I am really looking forward to my bike. I got one from Vanilla Bicycles a few months ago and love that too. Love steel. Thanks Sean.

  3. Cisco McGregor says:


    After all these years I had no idea you were a cyclist. I hope this note finds you well while I rack up the miles on the tree lined hills of North Carolina…Cisco

  4. mehran says:

    Cisco, my good friend. So nice hearing from you. Glad you read my site. Would love to catch up with you on the phone sometime. Wishing you and your family a happy new year…mehran
    p.s. i am so out of shape now.